Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Of thrift shops and thesis

Yesterday unexpectedly has been a very very very happy day! I bade goodbye to my 1 year old long hair and have it cut just below my shoulder. I must say that though i'm not that ecstatic with my new short hair, i feel like my hair is thankful for my decision. After having my hair cut, my mom directed me into this section of the mall where thrift shops are located. I got a lot of bargains but these two items are what made me reaaally happy! 

This brown leather jacket only cost me 42$! (i converted it from our currency to US dollars) A leather jacket was on top of my wishlist last xmas since Im well aware it's not practical buying such item from where I live and it costs too much so my parents wont let me buy one though I already found one in Mango 50% off! (100+$ from 200+$) Now this is what i call a steal. ;) (the color is originally lighter. not that dark)

This maxi dress is very Japanese in style! I see designs like these a lot from magazines and pictures from the internet! I just love maxi dresses and skirts since it make me look taller (duh) and i got this for 18$! It's so beautiful when you already wear it! <3

I decided to pair it with this brown military style jacket I got from a department store years ago and a brown sandal I always wear to school. So comfy!

I got these on a thrift shop where all its items are from Japan! Now that made it even more special <3 at least I know the materials used are authentic and the quality is epic! I was sooo thankful that I went and took a look on this shop before leaving! I also got 4 more bargains there. :) but these are my favorites.

On the other side of the note, these are some of what I got for Christmas:

                                           Blue military style jacket, Brown ankle boots (CMG)

Striped dress with peter pan collar (Plains and Prints) The fitting is beautiful once you wear it <3

My dad got this for me. Ironic that the name of the boots has the same name as me! (Hush Puppies) 10% off! another bargain! (Kero sniffing again on the right photo)

Godiva chocolates from my dad again.He tends to buy random chocolates but he knows i love truffles. He got me one. Finished it all easily. sorry. ;)

Okay, tomorrow is officially start of classes. Which means going back to the dorm (ugh) and have to cram for thesis revisions (monster ugh! no wait, not revisions...we have to do it all over again!!!) My thesis partner  and I wasn't able to do a thing over the vacation!! damn! And it's even harder because she went to Germany. :/ I have to add, i won't be able to finish my gameplay to Dragon Age2 (anyone playing that as well? :) ) ugh, oh well! This is where I end this post then. 

Have a lovely day! <3


  1. Thanks so much for following and leaving a sweet comment, I'm following you right back! I adore your blog, and those thrifty finds are great! Loving the maxi dress and leather jacket especially. xoxo, Veena


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  5. hi, nice purchases! i love the maxi dress and the military jacket! and also i'd like to see what is inside of that chocolate box :D:D

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  6. Love these items - especially the military style jacket... I think it must look awesome in a whole outfit!
    Nice blog, looking forward to reading more from you!

  7. haha ok I will google her right now!

    I love the dress you got in the first pic to the right, it's so cute and the collar is just adorable, and yumm godiva truffles <3

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  9. Thanks for your sweet comment! Oh my gosh I'm jealous of your awesome finds I really want a leather jacket! Your military jacket is perfection! Where did you get it if you don't mind me asking (:

  10. I like your boots, but the fluffy white cat especially!

    It's a pleasure to stumble across your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)


  11. Really amazing purchases, I like them! Great post!

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  12. Your leather jacket is gorgeous, very chic and practical <3

  13. Really amazing purchases. your leather jacket is lovely.

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  14. Love your findings, everything looks great! :)
    You should take a picture of your new hair.

    xo Stephanie,
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  16. I think I am in love with that first jacket. It's perfect!

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