Sunday, 1 January 2012

New beginning, new in blogging

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Hi, I'm Kathleen and I'm new in blogging! Since this is my first entry, I decided I'll introduce myself by my real name. It took me awhile and a number of factors before I could convince myself to pursue such endeavor, namely bloggers that I have come to love and share the same interests, their influences which further motivates me in pursuing my secret admiration to photography (landscape and fashion, vintage),as well as Mr. 2012.
 I know I'm such a late bloomer in this but this is better than lurking in the shadows forever. :)    

I'm still looking for the best dSLR that would best tolerate my amateur-ness into photography. Ugh! Can't wait. Having said that, I'll first introduce you guys to my pet persian cat, Keroberos! He's turning 2 in the 14th. Oh he's getting old like me. 

Excuse the hand. That's my mother's :)) Oh and yes, he loves inspecting things by sniffing them. Like a dog. Hahaha! 

Oh, here are some photos I got using the iPad's cam, and uh, with the help of a web app. 

I really loved how the web app I used turn the pictures vintage/dreamy looking.

By the way, I'd like you all to introduce my dear friend Grace. You'll be seeing her a lot in my blogs.  Haha, she's the only one willing to model in my future photoshoots. Hope it works well. :) 

I actually bought a DianaF+ camera on my birthday last year.  I'll show you next time the pictures I got on my first trial with it. :) 

Anyway, nice to meet you! Pray I'll be able to get a dSLR reaaalll soooon! I already have a place to do the photoshoot and the outfits. 


  1. Glad to be your first GFC follower. May you have many more to come.

  2. Just stumbled upon your first blog post and wanted to say good luck!! I started my blog a few months ago...and felt the same way, but better late than never I think...and it's been such a GREAT experience so far :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I just so happened to come across your blog and you are so flippin cute! Glad I found you so I could follow

    You should come check out my blog if you've got a sec (;

  4. Cute blog!

  5. Your persian cat is beautiful, I love the colouring of his coat! Good luck with blogging, it's fun once you get into it and find your voice. I don't have a dslr camera but I can recommend the fujifilm finepix s9600! xo Following you now!

  6. Oh my gosh your cat is TOO CUTE. Love your blog too, just found it and am now following. Happy New Year too! xx

  7. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :) love yours and youre definitely not a photography amateur! :)
    Suzie xxxx

  8. welcome to blogging! and thanks for your comment! have a great 2012 and happy new year!

  9. I really love the photographs in your blog especially the cat in the hat! It is so cute :). Happy new year!!

  10. Very very nice photos. I like your shoe collection. xx

  11. Love these photos, your cat is too cute with that santa hat on. Welcome to the blogosphere, can't wait to see what your blog turns into. Following you. Hope you can stop by soon.

    xo erica

  12. Very cute pics ! LOve your blog !


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